I just wanna be, I just wanna be successful

by Christina Manna

Today I had a wonderful conversation with my dad about success.  I think it is obvious that success is measured in different ways for everyone.  When thinking about what it means to me to be successful, I simply envision happiness.  If I’m doing something I love and surrounded by people I love then I know I am successful. One thing I’ve learned is when trying to see what something is, it is also important to first look at what it isn’t.  Success isn’t how others see you, or how you feel you are supposed to be.  Success also isn’t about settling.  I will never in my life settle for a mediocre relationship, job, or anything else.  Life is truly to short to waste time on average things.  Maybe saying all this makes me seem very put together but I can assure everyone that is hardly the case.  I often feel like I am extremely unsuccessful and I’ll never reach my ultimate goals.  In moments like this I always feel it is best to step back from the specific situation and focus on others.  For me, serving is the best solution.  Helping a family build a house, or volunteering at a soup kitchen only forces myself to step back from my problems.  Seeing what others are going through really puts my life into perspective.  Some of these people have absolutely nothing yet if you were to ask them they would still say they felt successful.  These people are truly living and loving life, and I admire them for it.  I would gladly have all my possessions taken away and be completely homeless if it means I am surrounded by ones I love and doing something I love everyday.  I often to pray to God that if someday I were to lose all of my fancy things I would remember this and hold it close to my heart.