Always Want What You Can’t Have

Why do people constantly chase after people they can’t have? Why is unattainable love so desirable in our society?  This has always baffled me and I’ve never understood the logic of it.  Look at celebrity crushes for example.  How can you like someone you have never even spoken too?  Thinking a celebrity is hot is one thing, but thinking you connect on a deeper level is just creepy.  But we all do it.  Even worse than celebrities are people in relationships.  I personally have fallen hard for a guy who was very serious with another girl.  Luckily I came to my senses before anything drastic happened, but to this day I still reflect back wondering how I could have been so stupid.  So let me be the first to say, this guy is never going to love you.  Not because he’s “the team captain and you’re on the bleachers,” but because he doesn’t exist.  It’s okay to want romance, but we need to stop looking high and low for a relationship that is never going to happen.



This however does not apply to me and Harry Styles….we will get married one day.